Husband Does My Makeup (Fail?) | Everyday, Natural Makeup | Current Beauty Favorites

I have no words. Just go watch and see this mess. (Also, I truly love these products, they’re ALL linked in the description of my YouTube video if you want to check them out!)   

Losing 25 Pounds | What Was Different This Time? What Actually Worked?

If you are new here you might not know that I have been trying to lose weight for years now. I’m not kidding, years. I have struggled with my weight since college with fluctuations ever since. I would lose a little weight then gain it back, in particular surrounding my two pregnancies. I was healthyContinue reading “Losing 25 Pounds | What Was Different This Time? What Actually Worked?”

Weight Loss Journey | 20 lbs down | At Work Exercises

My very first FitVlog…. Flog? Whatever. My very first FITNESS VLOG documenting my weight loss journey. Follow along!  

Are You Ready?

Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken. — Oscar Wilde. We’re still a work in progress here! But pretty soon, you can expect to find a lot of recipes, cleaning and decor (we just moved!) videos, family vlogs, as well as some beauty and fitness posts thrown in there too as a recovering makeup addictContinue reading “Are You Ready?”