Spring Minestrone Soup | Healthy Spring Recipe

It’s still spring guys! Yeah, yeah, you know that already. But I mean, the weather around here can’t make up its mind. The weather thinks it’s either the middle of summer or still February here… come on man. It’s spring and ALMOST summer. Anyways, enough of being so boring I’m literally talking about the weather….Continue reading “Spring Minestrone Soup | Healthy Spring Recipe”

Crabs | A Food Writing Exercise from Will Write For Food

Disclaimer: this is another old post I wanted to transfer over from my old blog. I talk about it in an upcoming video so I wanted you all to be able to reference it from that but also because I think it’s pretty cool AND pretty fun to try. Think about a food experience thatContinue reading “Crabs | A Food Writing Exercise from Will Write For Food”

28 Lbs Down! | What I Eat In a Day to Lose Weight!

I promise you. These meals were GOOOOD. Some meal prep weeks are better than others and this week…. the meal prep was great. Go check out what has been working for me! Almost at the 30 lb markkkkkk, yay!