5 Minute Italian Salad (Ledo Pizza’s House Dressing Copycat)

Who here knows of Ledo Pizza? It’s literally the. best. pizza. ever. It’s an east coast thing really and actually mostly a Maryland thing! The first Ledo’s opened up near University of Maryland and while locations have spread up and down the east coast, most locations are in Maryland. Unfortunately today I haven’t come upContinue reading “5 Minute Italian Salad (Ledo Pizza’s House Dressing Copycat)”

Kale Kielbasa Soup | The Best Thing I Cook.

I included this in my most recent What’s For Dinner video so I HAD to make it official and share it here too! It’s AMAZING. I’m back for another installment of “Momma’s Recipes Made Healthy”. This time it’s Kale Kielbasa Soup. Such a comfort food for me and perfect for this time of year! FunnyContinue reading “Kale Kielbasa Soup | The Best Thing I Cook.”

Spring Minestrone Soup | Healthy Spring Recipe

It’s still spring guys! Yeah, yeah, you know that already. But I mean, the weather around here can’t make up its mind. The weather thinks it’s either the middle of summer or still February here… come on man. It’s spring and ALMOST summer. Anyways, enough of being so boring I’m literally talking about the weather….Continue reading “Spring Minestrone Soup | Healthy Spring Recipe”

What’s For Dinner | Kids Meals | Will My Picky Toddler Eat Anything?

In this video I have a week of dinner ideas, but this time it’s a kids edition. I am showing you dinners that were for my kids only. I have one super picky eater and I tell you the truth about if he ate the dinners or not! I hope you get some ideas aboutContinue reading “What’s For Dinner | Kids Meals | Will My Picky Toddler Eat Anything?”

What’s for Dinner? | Healthy Shepard’s Pie, Fish Chowder & More

If you need some weeknight dinner inspo, check out my new What’s For Dinner video!