Stella & Dot Summer Sale | What I Got & What I Recommend

Guys! The Stella & Dot Summer Sale is going on all Memorial Day Weekend (through Monday 5/25/20) and its got me super excited.

In fact, I had JUST ordered the Everything Hoops not realizing that they were going to be on sale for only $14! I could kick myself. That’s okay, they’re worth full price but, I mean, $14 ?? Wow. If you’re going to order one that, it should be these hoops.

Despite that, I did find some other wonderful items I wanted from the sale… There were a few pieces I had been thinking about for a while and just hadn’t pulled the trigger on but now that they were on sale… I mean, the answer was clear. As well as a few that I didn’t even realize we had! Stella & Dot has so much.

Anyways, I want to show you what I got as well as a few other recommendations.

First, what I ordered myself. I am so excited to try the slider charm system from Keep Collective and figured, what better time than now? I also grabbed a few things at great prices that I thought would be perfect for summer and a few classics (like the Deja Vu Earrings) that I had been thinking of getting for a while now but just haven’t.

Now for my recommendations. This consists of some items in the sale that I know are super popular, some that are so discounted I just couldn’t NOT tell you about them and also some statements/pricier items. There are some pieces like the Alexandria earrings and the Sutton necklace that is so stunning, but it’s a big statement piece on the pricier side so a sale is the best time to buy it. The Sutton is still on my mind… I keep contemplating going back and ordering it at this sale price myself 🙂

Also, if you wanted to try the slider charm system from Keep, I really recommend getting the Multi-Chain Necklace ($70 off the regular price!) so you can try it out and buy some charms to go with it.

Here is the link to the entire Summer Sale for you to peruse yourself, but I’m also linking each of the pieces I mentioned specifically down below (along with listing the sale and regular prices). What are your favorites?! Let me know what you’re thinking about getting. I’m also always happy to answer any questions! Happy sale shopping!

What I Got:

Sardinia Earrings (Reg: $64, Sale: $39)

Deja Vu Studs (Reg: $42, Sale: $25)

Brilliance Wishing Bracelet (Reg: $24, Sale: $9)

Geo Cut Out Letters (Reg: $10, Sale: $1.99)

Double Leather Band (Reg: $39, Sale: $24.99)

My Recommendations:

Keep Collective Beaded Engravable Bracelet (Reg: $29, Sale: $17)

Alexandria Chandeliers (Reg: $52, Sale: $39)

Sutton Necklace (Reg: $139, Sale: $99.99)

Erika Long Sleeve Top (Reg: $84, Sale: $44.99)

Waverly Petite Bag (Reg: $99, Sale: $39.99)

Keep Collective Beaded Necklace (Reg: $29, Sale: $4.99)

Multi Chain Necklace (Reg: $79, Sale: $9.99)

Leopard Scarf (Reg: $74, Sale: $34)

Essential Hoops – Large (Reg: $52, Sale: $34.99)

Take Heart Delicate Necklace (Reg: $52, $35.99)

Ava Backpack (Reg: $99, Sale: $59.99)

Inspo Necklace (Reg: $29, Sale: $19.99)

Everything Hoops (Reg: $42, Sale: $14)

If you purchase through my links, I get some commission. I really appreciate it if you want to support and shop through me! If not, you can always just go to the website without clicking on my links. Totally up to you. Thanks for stopping by my post either way. I hope you got some good ideas! 🙂

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