Mama’s Fish Chowder | Healthy Dinner Idea (Fast, Easy & the Best Soup Ever!)

I shared my fish chowder recently in my What’s For Dinner video and totally forgot to post in here so ya’ll had the recipe! So here it is. One of my oldest and most used recipes…


This is my “Momma’s Recipes Made Healthy” series where I take one of my favorite recipes that my mom makes or made me as a kid and make some alterations to it so that it is a bit more healthy.

My mom is honestly a really healthy cook and person, so I might not have to make too many changes to them, but dammit, I will try.

This is her Fish Chowder recipe that she has made my whole life. Her soups are some of my favorite things she cooks! She recently revealed that she got the recipe from Good Housekeeping (she thinks), but about 30 years ago so her version is a bit different as some alterations have been made along the way (for example, she has never used bacon in this).


Here are the changes I am making to Momma’s recipe:

  1. Lower fat OR skim milk instead of cream- I went in with fat free milk then ended up adding a splash of my son’s whole milk. Making it lower in fat does make the consistency a bit different. The result is a bit less thick and less white. I don’t mind one bit, the flavor is still there! Just be aware of that and if you want the typical thickness and color of a traditional chowder, go with something with some more fat in it- maybe reduced fat milk!
  2. Unsalted chicken broth instead of clam juice- First of all, it’s not as readily available. Second of all, talk about sodium, man! I used unsalted broth and added a bit of salt myself to it. Much better!
  3. Sneak in some kale or spinach- Throw this in at the end and let it wilt because why not get in a few more micronutrients when you can? Greens like that don’t bother me one bit in soups!

And that’s it! Told you I wouldn’t have to make many changes! This is also a great way to get your kids into fish if they are picky eaters because nobody can resist a good chowder 🙂


fish chowder recipeEnjoy!


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