Maryland Crabcakes

This post is coming from my old website, Strong Hungry Girl. I decided to rebrand and go in a different direction when it became clear the “mom” type of content was where I wanted to be. I still love my food though, so most of those recipes will probably make it’s way here, don’t you worry…

I knew this had to be my first recipe on this new blog because well, it speaks for itself. Enjoy!

When titling this blog post I wanted to say something like, “Perfect Maryland Crab Cakes” or “The Best Maryland Crab Cakes” or something to toot my own horn, but I had some restraint. In my eyes, these are definitely the best homemade crab cakes I have had, and I rarely think restaurant-made can beat homemade…

Screen Shot 2017-05-19 at 7.03.22 PM

That being said, everyone seems to have very different preferences when it comes to crab cakes. It’s a very personal thing.

Us Marylanders, we require Old Bay with our crab cakes. Aside from that, most people seem to prefer LESS FILLING. 

Stop filling my crab cakes, you restaurants, with mass amounts of breadcrumbs and mayo and over mixing it to the point where not only can I not taste the crab, but there are hardly any big lumps of crab to be found.

I know it’s cheaper, but really. After you’re done you think, “what did I just eat?” A mystery meat, slightly seafood-tasting burger? No, I want a crab cake. 🙂

Screen Shot 2017-05-19 at 7.03.46 PM
Screen Shot 2017-05-19 at 7.03.31 PM

This crab cake recipe has just about the bare minimum of filling necessary. Any less and your crab cakes would be falling apart. But don’t worry, without a doubt you will taste and see your jumbo lump pieces of crab.

I must say, Baltimorons, that I just went to G&M’s the other day and it was pretty glorious. They were MASSIVE. Still, I think mine come pretty close. 😉

crab cake recipe.jpg

Despite my love for this crab cake, I still must say that nothing beats sitting down and picking your own crabs. What do you think? Are you a crab picking, crab cake, or just a crab legs kind of person?

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